We love doing our part to help an industry that prioritizes human connection.

From full-service event management to self-serve site sourcing software, we are here to make the lives of event planners easier.

Tech-enabled event management.

From the very beginning of every project we work on, our clients are in control.

Our philosophy is not to take over your event but to be a valuable partner to help you realize your vision.  Planner Hero’s experienced team will help save our clients time, money and execute exceptional events.

For some clients, we handle just a small piece of an event, while for others we provide white-glove, all-encompassing management. Our team of event planning experts is ready and able to assist in making your vision become a reality.  

With a commitment to excellence and transparent communication, Planner Hero will be your trusted resource to get things done and help make your meeting or event a success.

Collaborative, Nimble & Heroic.

Meet the team that makes it all happen.

Greg Gillard

22+ years experience

Tony Kutch

VP Sales
28+ years experience

Melissa Stifano

Global Account Director
22+ years experience

Jenny Rivera

Global Account Director
23+ years experience

Giselle Pavlovec

Director, Sourcing & Event Services
30+ years experience

Jamie Jacobsen

Director of System Operations
15+ years experience

Heather Archibeck

Global Account Director
15+ years experience
"PlannerHero's RFP Tool is super user friendly and easy to navigate. In comparison to other RFP tools and systems, I definitely prefer it!"

Calvin Anderson

Sales Manager @ Graduate Hotel Eugene
"Planner Hero is a secret weapon for sourcing. The hotel intel, comprehensive dashboard views and sensitive, responsive support team are assets that every planner needs in their arsenal."

Wendy Engen

Meeting Planner @ Avanade

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